How to Improve the Look of Your Basement 

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Planning to remodel your basement or build a new subfloor so you can lay carpeting without having to spend much is a good idea. Moisture is a primary concern since basement floors are below ground and usually rest at the surface of the concrete slab. The best cheap basement flooring is able to go right over concrete with all that in mind.   


In order to better help you, here are 5 cheap flooring options for your basement.  

  1. Ceramic Tile and Concrete Flooring

Because of its unmatched durability moisture resistance, tile is a slam-dunk in basements. It can withstand against all manner of abuse including flood. Your choices will be bounded to glazed ceramic tile since you are looking at cheap basement flooring options.  

And, since the concrete is already there, concrete flooring is the least expensive choice for your basement.  Clean it well and grind down some uneven spots and call the job done. To add warmth and softness to specific areas, you can use carpet tiles and throw rugs. You can also stain it if you want a better look to concrete.  

Adding stain is permanent since the colors penetrate through a chemical process and it doesn’t leave a surface film like paint. It is not advisable to paint concrete, especially in the basement because moisture can come up through and push the paint. You can also have a concrete lab polished and sealed.   

  1. Carpet Tiled Flooring

Carpet tiles can be able to easily handle occasional basement moisture because they have a moisture resistant plastic banking which can be ran under water to clean the top of the carpet. You can simply pick up the tiles and carry them to safety until the crisis is over if you have a significant problem associated with moisture. Tiles are simply out of the concrete and can be stuck together using small stickers that stick to the bottom side of the backing. For any number of custom designs, you can mix and match colors as well as patterns.   

  1. Vinyl Type of Flooring

If your vinyl is designed to go directly over concrete, you can’t go wrong. Vinyl is highly moisture resistant, easy to install, and durable. Vinyl planks and sheet vinyl are the best options for both ease of installation and look. Even though prices may vary, a good mid-grade vinyl in the right style for your décor must be easy to look for. It is a good idea to install an uncoupling membrane under the tile of the basement slab has large cracks. This helps prevent movement in the slab and keeps it firm.   

  1. Laminated Flooring

Certainly, no cheap-flooring discussion is complete without mentioning laminate even though it is not the most inspired idea. It can be reinstalled over moisture barrier in addition to moisture resistant foam underlying to protect the flooring from moisture even though laminate flooring itself is not moisture resistant.  

The moment you have picked your ideal flooring, then you must also secure to have it waterproofed of finished in a proper manner. Thankfully, there are many companies that can provide professional services. So, for your basement finish Denver needs, make sure that you only hire a professional. 

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